I am Ali Kamil Communications Engineer

study now Master Degree in Kharkov – Ukraine in Telecommunications & Networks

work in Iraqi Ministry of  Communications








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  1. ghaith says:

    hi ali how are you. we miss you man.

  2. zaid says:

    hi (F*****) how r u ????

  3. ammar says:

    Hi dear
    how are you man
    I am really miss you so much
    how are your life?
    I will to take your steps to study in this great university
    And you must tell all your friends in this collage about our friendship
    ohhhh forget
    Some of friend asked me about you & send greets to you
    I want to know the master degree in your collage how coast ? & time ?
    Really ,
    I am very fan this university
    Best regards
    Ammar AL-Selmawee

    • My Dear Ammar
      I miss you too very much my greetings to all friends, and the cost of all think in one year (life,home,study,moves,visa,ticket,clothes,registrations,payment of college and more) 10000$ this good life.
      note: payment of college 3000$ per year

      Best Wishes
      Eng. Ali Kamil Aldulimy

  4. HELLO my dear ali we miss you much
    we wait you come here after finish study

    ali Iam jawad chukum bukum hta almot Imss you very much
    ali I am abu mohnad how are you we are very fine bye bye

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