Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics – Ukraine

Kharkov Mountain  Institute

Kharkov engineering-building institute (ХИСИ has been formed on the basis of building faculty of the Kharkov polytechnical institute (ХПИ) and architectural faculty of the Kharkov art institute in 1930. In 1934г. Into structure KHISI have entered: the Kharkov geodetic institute and a scientific research institute of a geodesy and cartography. In 10 years to 1941г. ХИСИ became the largest higher educational institution of Ukraine. For this time the-material resources has been created good учебно-¼áÔÑÓ¿á½ý¡án, the qualified teaching collective was generated. In 1941г. 1734 students were trained, employment(occupations) conducted(order) about 200 teachers at 4 faculties:

  • Architectural;
  • Building;
  • Sanitary;
  • Geodetic.

As directors of institute worked: Мельчук (1930 – 1932гг.), Vokutan A.D. (1932 – 1934гг.), Krol S.L. (1934 – 1938гг.), Blinov V.V. (1938 – 1941гг.). With 1930г. On 1941г. The institute has prepared about 3000 civil engineers. Many of them steel not only excellent(different) experts, but also large organizers of manufacture, talented scientists:

  • Kozyulya I.K. – deputy minister of construction of the USSR;
  • Grigorenko M.G. – the hero of owls. The union, deputy minister of defense of the USSR;
  • Кучеренко В.А – the deputy chairman of Ministerial council of the USSR;
  • Goncharuk A.I. – director промстроя scientific research institute of the project;
  • Dushkin A.A. – the author of projects of stations of underground ” Маяковская ” and”Кропоткинская”;
  • Tits A.A. – the professor, manager. Faculty KHISI.

The Kharkov College of mines (1947 – 1962)

In 1944г. ХИСИ it is transformed to the Kharkov college of mines-industrial of the coal industry of the USSR (ХГИИ). Instead of faculties KHISI: engineering-building, architectural, sanitary, geodetic and evening building have created 3 faculties:

  • Machine-building (2 specialities: mountain mechanical engineering and technology of mechanical engineering);
  • Mountain-electromechanical;
  • Industrial transport.

Architectural faculty have transferred(transmitted) in new building institute. In such structure the institute worked 1944 – 1947 Per 1947 the Kharkov college of mines-industrial have been transformed to the Kharkov college of mines минвуза the USSR. In ХГИ there were 4 faculties:

  • Mountain (8 faculties). Specialities: development of deposits of minerals; маркшейдерское business.
  • Шахтостроительный (6 faculties). A speciality: construction of the mountain enterprises.
  • Mountain-electromechanical (11 faculties). Specialities: mountain electromecanics; mountain machines(cars); enrichment of minerals.
  • Industrial transport (4 faculties). A speciality: industrial transport.

ХГИ was the fifth mountain high school in the USSR and the second in Ukraine (Moscow, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov). As directors ХГИ worked: доц. Lukin G.G., Korzhik M.V., Yemelyanov Д.С. To 1962 in structure of ХГИ worked 4общетехнических faculty (in Kharkov, Belgorod, Konotop, Кадиевке) where 1803 students were trained. In total in institute was in it(this) to year about \5 000 students. Employment(occupations) spent: проф. Ostashchenko-Kudryavtsev B.P., Ivanchenko E.Y., Nesterov P.P., Levin B.Y., etc.  During activity in ХГИ it is prepared over 6 000 experts for a mining industry of the country and 9 foreign states (China, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Korea, Vietnam). Many graduates of institute became large production managers, sciences, pedagogics, scientists: Academician Sviridov V.V., professors Glushko M.V., Vyvodin Y.M., Efimov A.N., Salyga V.I., etc.  Research work (НИР) in institute was especially actively conducted after 1955. Its(her) total amount has grown with 150 thousand рубup to 6 million руб in 1961.  In 1957 scientific laboratories under direction of проф have been created. Ivanchenko E.Y., Nesterova P.P., доц. Карпухина V.D.ha participation in НИР students in 1962г. – 450 person united 20 student’s scientific circles. ХГИ has been connected with scientific institutes and manufacture of Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Donetsk, Lugansk, Kazakhstan, and also China, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

ХИГМАВТ (1962 – 1966)

In 1962 ХГИ it is transformed to the Kharkov institute of mechanical engineering, automatics and computer facilities. ХИГМАВТ contained 3 faculties:

  • Automation of productions in a mining industry. With specialization:
    • Automation of processes in a mining industry;
    • Automation of productions at concentrating factories;
    • Automatics and telemechanics.
  • Radio engineering. With specialization:
    • Mathematical both computing devices and devices;
    • Industrial electronics;
    • Radio engineering;
    • Designing and the “know-how” of radio equipment.
  • Mountain mechanical engineering. With specialization:
    • Mountain machines(cars);
    • Machines(Cars) and the equipment of oil and gas crafts.

In 1963 in institute the faculty of Computer facilities has been created, and in August, 1964 in institute 5845 students, including on day time branch – 2525 person, and in 1965 – 7687 person, among them on day time branch 3438 person were trained.
In 1962 12 new faculties and 38 educational laboratories have been created. The rector of institute was проф. Tereshchenko A.I., and deans of faculties – доц. Литвиненко Е.А, Kukush V.D., Gordienko O.N., Tikhovidov B.D., Храбров N.I.big the contribution to transformation of institute have brought scientific ХГИ and come of other high schools: Rvachev V.L., Shestopalov V.P.’s academicians,проф. Kukush V.D., Proshkin E.G., Lagutin M.F., Chervov V.G., Tolstov V.V.’s senior lecturers, Governors О.И., Dorokhov A.P., WolvesА.А., Gretskov V.L., Trushlevich I.V., Трубецков activity in it(this) has shown L.V.especial проф. Ivanchenko E.Y. and the scientific school which has developed around of it(him). Under their initiative with 1957 for the first time in the USSR have begun preparation of experts on automatics.  At ХИГМАВТе worked 3 общетехнических faculty: Kharkov, Конотопский, Belgorod.  Research work was conducted on 91 state budgetary and 82 хоздоговорным to themes.  On results of 1962 2 monographies have been published, 51 scientific articles and 2 collections of scientific articles, 9 copyright certificates are received. To 1952 there was an integration of scientific subjects: instead of 73 in 1962 up to 95 in 1965, from which 13 major themes: 3 allied purposes(assignments,destinations), 4 republican and 6 departmental. In НИР 132 teachers, 263 scientific employees, 33 post-graduate students, 221 student took part(participated). During the activity (1962 – 1966гг.) ХИГМАВТ has prepared 2443 engineers on specialities: radio electronics, automatics, computer facilities and electronic devices.

There is a construction  The new case

ХИРЭ (1966 – 1993)

In 1966 ХИГМАВТ it is renamed into the Kharkov institute of radio electronics (ХИРЭ). The structure of institute included faculties:

  • In 1966:
    • Automatics (7 faculties);
    • Computer facilities (8 faculties);
    • Radio engineering (6 faculties);
    • Radiophysical (6 faculties);
    • Electronics (6 faculties);
    • Mountain mechanical engineering (3 faculties).
  • In 1972:
    • Control systems (7 faculties);
    • Designing of radio equipment (10 faculties);
    • Radio engineering (6 faculties);
    • Computer facilities (7 faculties);
    • Electronics (6 faculties).

For the beginning of 70th years ХИРЭ prepared for engineers on 7-ми to specialities:

  • 0606 – automatics and telemechanics;
  • 0608 – mathematical and вычислительно-solving devices;
  • 0611 – electronic devices;
  • 0612 – industrial electronics;
  • 0704 – radiophysics and electronics;
  • 0701 – a radio engineering;
  • 0705 – designing and the “know-how” of radio equipment.

Preparation was conducted under day time, evening, correspondence forms of training. By the end of 1971 conducted(order) preparation of young experts of 457 teachers, including 11 doctors, professors and 141 candidates of sciences.  In 1981 the decree of presidium of the Supreme body of the USSR: ” For merits in preparation of the qualified experts and development of scientific researches ” the Kharkov institute of radio electronics was награжден an award of a labour red banner. In 1982 to the Kharkov institute of radio electronics the name of the Soviet scientific designer in the field of space-rocket technics(technical equipment), the academician, twice hero of socialist work Yangelya Michael Kuzmicha has been appropriated(given).

Kharkov State  Technical University of Radio electronics

ХТУРЭ (1993 – 2001)
Per 1993 the Kharkov institute of radio electronics is transformed to the Kharkov State Technical University of Radio electronics (ХТУРЭ).

Kharkov National  University of Radio electronics

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